2003 Schedule & Results:
03/09/2003 Australia
03/23/2003 Malaysia
04/06/2003 Brazil
04/20/2003 San Marino
05/04/2003 Spain
05/18/2003 Austria

Welcome to the Formula 1 Pick10 Competition

2003 Season

12th October 2003 Antony Wilson wins this round of the contest, makes a big leap up the table, and wins the first F1 Pick8 competition. Congrtulations.

9th October 2003 Jacques Villeneuve has resigned from the BAR team effective immediately and will not be driving in Japan. His seat will be taken by next year's driver Takuma Sato.

28th September 2003 Wendy Hepple wins this round, correctly picking the podium. Overall we have a new leader, Saverio Prato.

14th September 2003 As somewhat dull proof that there isn't enough overtaking in Formula 1, the virtual entrant "Starting Grid" wins this round, and takes the lead in the overall competition.

In the real world, Allan Erstad wins this round and overall, the new leader is Saverio Prato .

24th August 2003 Rodrigo Ortega wins this round of the contest. Back in the lead again is Mr. Hannu. Congratulations to Fernando Alonso on his first race win.

3rd August 2003 Oscar Velasco Gtz wins the German round of the Pick8 contest. Overall, we have a new leader, Saverio Prato.

22nd July 2003 Justin Wilson will be replacing Antonio Pizzonia in the second Jaguar. Replacing Justin at Minardi will be Nicolas Kiesa. More.

20th July 2003 Victor Perez Romero wins this round. Our overall leader is Mr Hannu.

6th July 2003 Andrea Pouw correctly picks the first four finishers, and wins this round (and nearly takes over the lead). The overall leader us still Eric Zehnbauer.

29th June 2003 Greg England wins this round, and Eric Zehnbauer maintains his overall lead.

15th June 2003 Eric Zehnbauer wins this round and takes the lead in the competition.

1st June 2003 Greg Puhler wins the Monaco round of the F1 Pick 8 contest. Overall, we still have Mr Hannu in the lead.

18th May 2003 Our winner this week is Ed Tittley. The overall leader is still Mr Hannu.

4th May 2003 Cassandra Q wins this round of the F1 Pick8 championship. Overall we have a new leader, Mr Hannu.

20th April 2003 Neo Dxun scores 740 out of a maximum 800 points to win this round of the competition. Overall, we have a new leader, Juan Carlos Peņa Romero.

11th April 2003 An investigation by FIA has decided that Giancarlo Fisichella is the winner of the 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix. As the Pick 8 competition is bound to the result of the real event, we have re-scored and re-issued our results.

The new winner is Pitka Pepe, with Mr Hannu as our overall leader.

6th April 2003 Thane Pressman wins this round and overall we have a new leader with Charles Rambeau.

23rd March 2003 Basil Petrenko wins this round of the Pick8 competition. Overall, the leader is still Graham Murfitt.

9th March 2003 The first ever race of the Formula 1 Pick 8 competition has been won by Graham Murfitt. A great set of picks considering the outcome of the race. Next race is in two weeks.

5th February 2003 Entries are now open for the brand new 2003 Formula 1 Pick8 contest.