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03/15/2020 Australia
SpeedPick Pick10 Rules & Information
Speedpick Pick10 Rules & Information

  1. Before the qualifying period for each race begins, you must pick who do you think will take the pole, who will lead the most laps in the race and which drivers will finish in the top 10 positions.
  2. Visit and move through the menu to the Formula 1 Pick10 area login form.

    You will be asked for your Name, and E-Mail address. These act as your Username and Password to the competition, so you should try and use the same combination throughout the season. Your name should of course not change through the season, but if you need to change your e-mail address, enter using the new combination, and the forms will guide you as to what you need to do.

    The competition is only open to people with valid e-mail addresses. If you make an entry, and your confirmation e-mail bounces, your entry will be removed. The names of players who's e-mail bounces will be posted on the Pick10 Homepage - this is not a punishment, in the absence of a valid address, it is the only way I can contact you. You may re-submit your entry using a valid address.

NOTE: Although there's no limit on the number of participants that can enter the contest using the same e-mail address (you can have as many people as you want using your e-mail address), for the prizes, here are some important details to be aware of, as follows:
Just one entry per individual. The player name must be a full name that can be identified with picture ID when (if!) a prize is delivered.
  1. Error handling procedure
    1. If one or more of your picks is empty, you'll lose those potentially valuable points.

    2. If the same driver's name appears more than once in your top 12 picks, only the first/highest occurrence will be scored. The other(s) will be treated as if no pick was supplied for that particular position (where it was repeated), thus loosing potentially valuable points.

  2. Although the Pick10 server is located in California, entries times are based on UTC/Zulu/GMT. Picks are due by 08:00:00 UTC time of the Friday (Thursday for the Saturday races) preceding the race. This is so that those who have access to early practice and qualifying information won't have an unfair advantage over those who don't. The entry form will not allow you to make a late entry. So, hit the submit button by the entry time, or be refused entry.

    For a list of the 2014 races, look at the Pick10 homepage.

    You will be allowed one roll-over, if you fail to make an entry for a race the competition will use the entry for the preceding race, but if that entry was also a roll-over, you will not be entered.

    The entry form will parse, and confirm your entry, so you should always be guaranteed a legal pick. In addition, the entry system, will e-mail you a return receipt to confirm your entry to the race..

  3. In the event of a rain-out at qualification time, the starting lineup for the race will be placed on the grid according to the current points standings or practice standings. If this occurs, all Pick10 entrants will receive zero points for their pole pick for that race. The race will be scored solely on the first 10 places picks and Most Laps Led pick.

  4. Players score points for each race based on how well their picks match the actual race results. For each driver that you pick, you will score points based on where the driver finished compared to where you predicted he would finish, note that only if the driver finishes in the top 10 will you score points, if they finishe 9th or lower you won't get any points at all. Scoring goes like this:

    Correctly predicted the pole winner5 points
    driver finished exactly where predicted25 points
    driver finished 1 place off from where predicted18 points
    driver finished 2 places off from where predicted15 points
    driver finished 3 places off from where predicted12 points
    driver finished 4 places off from where predicted10 points
    driver finished 5 places off from where predicted8 points
    driver finished 6 places off from where predicted6 points
    driver finished 7 places off from where predicted4 point 
    driver finished 8 places off from where predicted2 point 
    driver finished 9 places off from where predicted1 point 
    driver didn't finish in the top 100 points

    Now for the interesting part, the points you get as specified above will then be multiplied by a determined number (called multiplier or weight) to give more emphasis/importance/weight to the top picks.

    The multipliers work as follows:

    Pole:  points awarded as above x 8
    1st place:  points awarded as above x 10
    2nd place:  points awarded as above x 9
    3rd place:  points awarded as above x 8
    4th place:  points awarded as above x 7
    5th place:  points awarded as above x 6
    6th place:  points awarded as above x 5
    7th place:  points awarded as above x 4
    8th place:  points awarded as above x 3
    9th place:  points awarded as above x 2
    10th place:  points awarded as above x 1
      Maximum points possible: 1375

    Your total score for a race is the sum of the points scored for each driver in your entry.

    If a driver finishes lower than you predicted, the multiplier is the one for the real finishing position (not the place you predicted); if he finishes higher than predicted, the multiplier is the one for your predicted finishing position.

    For example, if you picked Nico Rosberg Montoya to finish 3rd and he finished 3rd, you would score 25x8 points (25 because he finished exactly where you predicted and 8 because that's the multiplier for 3rd position, where you put him in your entry). On the other hand, if you picked Nico to finish 3rd and he finished 1st, you would score 15x8 points (15 because he finished 2 places off of where you predicted and 8 because that's the multiplier for 3rd position, where you put him in your entry). If you picked him to finish 3rd, and he really finished 5th, you would score 15x6 (Again, 15 for finishing two places of where you picked, and then 6 for the multiplier for 5th place). This is so that an incorrect pick does not score more than a correct one.

    After each race, SpeedPick will post various scoring reports to the web pages.

    Individual players will also be sent an e-mail that summarizes their score for that race.

  5. Should we have any ties at any given event and/or at the end of the season, tie-breakers will be handled in the following order until the ties are broken:

    1. Highest number of picks on position for the season (including pole and most laps led picks)

    2. Highest number of picks that scored for the season (including pole and most laps led picks)

    3. Highest event score (from any single event)

    4. If there's still a tie at this point (there's always the chance that the picks were identical), it will be treated as an overall tie.

  6. The Pick10 Champion will be the player who scores the most total points over the season. All races will count for the total. Any questions, ideas, suggestions, criticism, etc. can be sent comments to the feedback e-mail on our welcome page.

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