Formula 1 ESP Competition


Formula 1 ESP Competition

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SpeedPick ESP Rules & Information
ESP Rules & Information

What is the ESP contest?

Simple, it is a just-for-fun contest among motor racing fans on the Internet where each participant uses his/her knowledge of motor racing to predict how drivers, chassis, tires and engines will perform through the season. You make one set of predictions in each category, and that is used throughout the season. After each race, the scores will be updated according to the scoring rules. The winner at the end of the season will be the player with the highest score. The prize will be...bragging rights.

Ok, How do I participate in the ESP contest?

Easy, just read and follow these rules carefully:

ESP contest rules

  1. Before the qualifying period for the first race of the season, you must decide the top 12 drivers for the season, and the number of wins for each of those drivers. Total number of wins must be 23 - the number of races in 2023. Then do the same for the different chassis engines, and Tires (where applicable). For this you will need lots of Extra Sensory Perception, hence the name of the competition.

  2. Visit speedpick and move through the menu to the ESP area login form.


    You will be asked for your Name, and E-Mail address. These act as your Username and Password to the competition, so you should try and use the same combination throughout the season. Your name should of course not change through the season, but if you need to change your email address, enter using the new combination, and the forms will guide you as to what you need to do.

    The competition is only open to people with valid e-mail addresses. If you make an entry, and your confirmation e-mail bounces, your entry will be removed. The names of players who's e-mail bounces will be posted on the ESP Homepage - this is not a punishment, in the absence of a valid address, it is the only way I can contact you. You may re-submit your entry using a valid address.

NOTE: Although there's no limit on the number of participants that can enter the contest using the same email address (you can have as many people as you want using your email address), for the prizes, here are some important details to be aware of, as follows:

Just one entry per individual. The player name must be a full name that can be identified with picture ID when (if!) a prize is delivered.

  1. Error handling procedure

    1. You must pick a valid driver/engine/chassis/tire for each position.

    2. You will not be allowed to use the same driver/engine/chassis/tire in more than one position.

  2. Picks are due by Picks are due by 08:00:00 UTC (Zulu/GMT) on Friday 19th March 1999. The entry form will not allow you to make a late entry. So, hit the submit button by the entry time, or be refused entry.

    The entry form will parse, and confirm your entry, so you should always be guaranteed a legal pick. In addition, the entry system, will e-mail you a return receipt to confirm your entry to the competition.

  3. In the event that a driver/engine/chassis/tire does not complete a season, tough! There will be no substitutions allowed.

  4. Players score points for each race based on how well their picks match the actual season results. For each entry that you pick, you will score points based on where that entry finished compared to where you predicted it would finish. This will be done using the following scoring intervals ((20-16-14-12-10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1) multiplied by 10 (so first gets 200, and 12th 10). This score is then divided by one plus the number of places off (decimals are rounded down).

    To make things more interesting, you also have to guess the number of wins that each entry will make. You score 10 points for each correctly guessed win you make.

    Scoring goes like this:

    Driver Scores For correct placing:

    	       1st place: 200 + WinScore
    	       2nd place: 160 + WinScore
    	       3rd place: 140 + WinScore
    	       4th place: 120 + WinScore
    	       5th place: 100 + WinScore
    	       6th place:  80 + WinScore
    	       7th place:  60 + WinScore
    	       8th place:  50 + WinScore
    	       9th place:  40 + WinScore
    	      10th place:  30 + WinScore
    	      11th place:  20 + WinScore
    	      12th place:  10 + WinScore
    Maximum points possible: 1010 + 200 = 1210
    Driver scores for incorrectly guessing winning driver (i.e. scores if you placed the winning driver in 1st to 12th places):
    	       1st place: 200 + WinScore
    	       2nd place:  80 + WinScore
    	       3rd place:  46 + WinScore
    	       4th place:  30 + WinScore
    	       5th place:  20 + WinScore
    	       6th place:  13 + WinScore
    	       7th place:   8 + WinScore
    	       8th place:   6 + WinScore
    	       9th place:   4 + WinScore
    	      10th place:   3 + WinScore
    	      11th place:   1 + WinScore
    	      12th place:   0 + WinScore
    You will score for every driver you pick, even if they fall outside of the top 12 at the end of the season.

    The other three parts (Chassis, Engine and Tire) of the competition are scored in a similar way. The scoring intervals though are:

    • Chassis - 100-50-25-10
    • Engine - 100-50-25-10
    • Tire - 20-10

    The overall maximum score then is:

    	Driver: 	1010 + 200 = 1200
    	Chassis:	 185 + 200 =  375
    	Engine: 	 185 + 200 =  375
    	Tire:		  30 + 200 =  220

    Although scoring reports will be produced through the season, the only important result is the one at the end of the season. All scoring reports will be based on the results of the real Championship at the time the report is produced.

    The points for Chassis, Engine and Tire are derived from the results of each driver. For example, Paul Tracy drives a Lola/Ford/Bridgestone, so a win for him would also mean a win for each of his car package parts, and his final season score would also give the same number of points to each of the package parts. There is no cross checking betwen them though, so if you put Paul Tracy down for 5 wins, but only put two wins for Lola, that's your problem.

    Here is the current list of Drivers and their equipment:

    Driver Chassis EngineTireTeam
    Albon, Alexander Williams-Mercedes MercedesPirelliWilliams Racing
    Alonso, Fernando Aston Martin Aramco-Mercedes MercedesPirelliAston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team
    Bottas, Valtteri Alfa Romeo-Ferrari FerrariPirelliAlfa Romeo F1 Team Stake
    Gasly, Pierre Alpine-Renault RenaultPirelliBWT Alpine F1 Team
    Hamilton, Lewis Mercedes MercedesPirelliMercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team
    Hulkenberg, Nico Haas-Ferrari FerrariPirelliMoneyGram Haas F1 Team
    Lawson, Liam AlphaTauri-Honda RBPT Honda RBPTPirelliScuderia AlphaTauri
    Leclerc, Charles Ferrari FerrariPirelliScuderia Ferrari
    Magnussen, Kevin Haas-Ferrari FerrariPirelliMoneyGram Haas F1 Team
    Norris, Lando McLaren-Mercedes MercedesPirelliMcLaren F1 Team
    Ocon, Esteban Alpine-Renault RenaultPirelliBWT Alpine F1 Team
    Perez, Sergio Red Bull Racing-Honda RBPT Honda RBPTPirelliOracle Red Bull Racing
    Piastri, Oscar McLaren-Mercedes MercedesPirelliMcLaren F1 Team
    Ricciardo, Daniel AlphaTauri-Honda RBPT Honda RBPTPirelliScuderia AlphaTauri
    Russell, George Mercedes MercedesPirelliMercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team
    Sainz, Carlos Ferrari FerrariPirelliScuderia Ferrari
    Sargeant, Logan Williams-Mercedes MercedesPirelliWilliams Racing
    Stroll, Lance Aston Martin Aramco-Mercedes MercedesPirelliAston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team
    Tsunoda, Yuki AlphaTauri-Honda RBPT Honda RBPTPirelliScuderia AlphaTauri
    Verstappen, Max Red Bull Racing-Honda RBPT Honda RBPTPirelliOracle Red Bull Racing
    Zhou, Guanyu Alfa Romeo-Ferrari FerrariPirelliAlfa Romeo F1 Team Stake
    de Vries, Nyck AlphaTauri-Honda RBPT Honda RBPTPirelliScuderia AlphaTauri

    The ESP Champion will be the player who scores the most points at the end of the season. All races will count for the total. Any questions, ideas, suggestions, criticism, etc. can be sent comments to the feedback email on our welcome page.

Last update 02/04/2003